Being CADET a Regional project, the consortium responsible of its execution has been setup by Aviospace, Italian subsidiary of EADS-Astrium, by including SMEs and Research Organization having their premises on Regione Piemonte’s territory, over being appropriate for what concerns resources, skills and capabilities and strategic reasons for joining the Project; the project consortium organization is depicted in the following figure.

The expertise provided by this consortium is manifold, including competences that range from thermo-mechanics (Aviospace, Blue Engineering, Politecnico di Torino), innovative materials (Aerosekur, Politecnico di Torino), avionics and sensors (IIT, Eicas, DMA), on-board software (Eurix, Skytechnology, Blue Engineering), space systems design and engineering (Aviospace, Politecnico di Torino); this was specifically setup to build a core of competences that can be durable and then re-proposed for further developments of the technologies grown within CADET project.