Project Organization

The project scope is summarized by the following WBS, which was specifically setup to accomplish to the project objectives


WP1 – proximity optics

This WP is in charge of selecting optical sensors for target imaging and 3D rebuilt; this will rely on stereoscopic vision techniques and 3D rebuilt of the target (which can be unknown a priori) via “shapes from shading” algorithms

WP2 – target remote properties assessment

WP2 will be oriented to the development of software methodologies for recognition of target thermo-optical, as well as kinematics (including identification of secondary kinematic chains) and inertial properties, which can be unknown a priori – considering that targets status and can be affected after years in space harsh environment – and therefore constitute fundamental information for preparing a final approach and capture

WP3 – sensors for attitude determination

In order to perform a non cooperative RdV and capture operation, a very precise attitude determination system for the chaser is required. For this purpose, good results with a low-cost approach can be achieved by adoption of both star observation and tracking and data fusion with inertial measurements. This WP aims to develop an autonomous attitude determination system based on this techniques.

WP4 – Final approach manoeuvre

This WP is in charge of definition of strategies for attitude control during final approach manoeuvre, and of definition of the on-board computing architecture to implement the final approach and the non-cooperative RdV GNC.

WP5 Capture and solidarization

WP5 deals with the selection of most proper concepts for the capture mechanism concept, and to perform a complete design for the most promising concept. This will be inclusive of dedicated assessment on specific technologies such as soft materials needed to damp the contacts and transmit deorbiting loads, grasping sensors, as well as on the on-board computing architecture required to perform the capture

WP6 – Technology Verification and validation

The technologies developed by other WPs will provide as output the building blocks for a Verification and Validation laboratory, namely CADET-Lab. In this newly-built facility will be equipped with test environment needed to perform functional validation of the above technologies.