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Aviospace is the Airbus Defence & Space Italian subsidiary, with italian management and personnel. Aviospace employs 30 high-qualified...

CADET Project Capture and De-orbiting Technologies (CADET)

The project aims to develop and demonstrate, by the development of ground functional breadboards, key technologies for ADR, including the...

HOSN Project Highly Operable Sensor Network (HOSN)

This project focuses on sensing nodes development (powered by energy harvesting technologies). The nodes are conceived to be used on-ground,...


The objective of the project was to develop an innovative prototyping process based on inkjet of a nanodoped ink for materials...


The project aims to define and prototype a multi-radio communication platform capable of using, in cognitive and opportunistic mode,...


PULSAR, Art and Music from Space

PULSAR, Art and Music from Space

31 October – 28 November 2014 Aviospace in the sponsorship of Contemporary Art event at Planetario di Torino e Museo dell’Astronomia e dello Spazio:
Transfer of Headoffice

Transfer of Headoffice

Since the end of August 2014 Aviospace moved to new offices in via Botero 18, in the center of Torino, near piazza Solferino in the historical building of Generali.
Airbus - What goes where

Airbus - What goes where

As of 1 January 2014, the defence and space business of EADS Group are consolidated into one new division, Airbus Defence and Space while EADS is rebranded into "Airbus Group".